Welcome to Revere Honey.
Quality, locally harvested honey from Ohio.

Our bees are kept in the Revere School District area. They are never fed sugar nor they are close to orchards or farmland. They collect the purest nectar and pollen from wildflowers and trees and bring it to the hives only to transform it into the most delicious and pure honey you have ever tasted.
Spring honey is often collected in July and fall honey is collected in September or early October. We simply do not feed our bees sugar syrup nor do we pasteurize our honey. When you buy our honey, you get pure, raw, and unfiltered honey that is loaded with vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients to boost your immune system.

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Our Honey

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Look no more! Revere Honey is now partnering with non-profit organizations to raise funds that can fuel their mission and goals.
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About Us

Happy Bees

Our hives are kept in a stress-free environment with access to acres of wildflowers and trees in the Richfield and Bath area. They are inspected regularly to make sure they are free of mites and diseases.

Locally Harvested

Our bees are away from large farming land that gets treated with pesticides for larger healthier crops. Our honey is pure and fresh. We sell it within a month of harvesting and we keep it in a sterile and clean environment from the hives to your table

Great Taste

I thought honey bought from superstores was really good until I harvested my first frame of honey from my hives. Wow! The taste is incredible. You can smell and taste the freshness of our honey. It is raw and pure with a ton of pollen and nutrients.



I purchased this for my wife who has always used store-bought honey. She was very impressed with the rich, fresh-tasting flavor of Revere Honey. Will continue to buy!

– Jay

There really is nothing like locally-harvested honey! You can really taste the difference. I love to use this honey in tea as a substitute for sugar. Highly recommend!

– Margie L.